The Seeds Continue to be Sown: What a Disaster

Just as I wrote in my book, Stop the Leadership Malpractice:How to Replace the Typical Performance Appraisal, the seeds of dysfunction continue to be sown because we continue to embrace a flawed leadership theory.  As this article from the INDYSTAR.COM demonstrates, those who lead our schools systems continue to embrace a leadership theory that encourages the use of the typical appraisal and the results predictably back-fire.

“…teachers have been under attack for not doing enough to raise standardized test scores.  A key question is whether the new teacher evaluation system will improve teaching and student outcomes. What we know casts considerable doubt and suggests we should review Indiana’s performance-based pay system.”

We must work together to Stop the Leadership Malpractice and replace the current typical appraisal. It is damaging our organizations’ performance and our children’s future.

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