Fearless Feedback

Fearless Feedback:   An Affordable and Proven Process to Build Skills as a Leader and Conduct Effective Performance Conversations with Confidence

The purpose of this on-line course is to transform the current dysfunctional feedback system to a Fearless Feedback system.  In a functional system we can more easily lead fearless performance discussions while achieving win-win solutions every time.  We are now being asked to have effective performance discussions in a dysfunctional system. It’s too difficult to do and it is not us.

There are four major benefits with Fearless Feedback.  Feedback helps, accelerate learning to improve processes, adapt to change more naturally and quickly while minimizing loss of productivity, create accountability to certain desired behaviors, and to improve employee engagement. In other words, it helps us to develop and evolve toward high performance, optimum teamwork and engagement.

You will learn:

  • How to overcome the typical barriers to effective performance conversations.
  • How to create a fearless environment to optimize feedback and learning.
  • Tools and techniques to conduct fearless performance conversations with anyone at any time.
  • How to use Fearless Feedback in conjunction with your current performance management policy.