Employee Engagement

The 3 A’s of Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement levels have the attention of many C-Suite executives. Research by Towers Watson (2012), a human resources consulting firm, confirms the wide acknowledgement that employee engagement is a critical element for high levels of financial and operational results. Tower Watson and Gallup research confirms the average percentage of employees who are highly engaged comes in at only between 29% and 35%.

There are multiple models about how to achieve engagement. Optimum leaders use The “A”’s of Engagement. Read More…

The Four Levels of Customer Appreciation

Meet Expectations
Fulfill Requests
Anticipate and Make Suggestions
Give a Little Unexpected Extra

Customer Appreciation Model

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A satisfied customer can be lured away by a competitor much easier than a customer who appreciates you, your company, and your products and services. Appreciation is a positive emotional response whereas satisfaction is more an evaluation of meeting expectations. If customer’s expectations are met it is not necessarily a predictor of future decisions to continue the relationship.

There are four levels of customer appreciation. A supplier must meet each level before moving up to the next level in order to increase the appreciation level. A supplier cannot skip a level and expect the customer to appreciate the product or service.

Level 1: Meet Expectations

Level 2: Fulfill Requests

Level 3: Anticipate and make Suggestions

Level 4: A Little “Unexpected” Extra

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