Businesswoman pointing at business document during discussion atWhat is “Agreements Coaching?”
What are the outcomes of “Agreements Coaching?”
What are Interpersonal Interactions?
What are System Interactions?

Coaching is a process that uses trusting relationships to inspire, create new insight, options, and positive change
Two important people-abilities required to achieve a competitive advantage into the future are the ability to:

  • Manage talent
  • Develop leadership

Optimum Leadership Coaching enables leaders to achieve greater employee engagement, higher productivity, improved performance, and exceptional customer experiences (both internal and external).

What is “Agreements Coaching?”

Agreements coaching is a process of creating autonomy and employee engagement by thinking and acting consistent with the learning cycle, systems thinking, and project management.

What are the outcomes of “Agreements Coaching?”

  • Innovation
  • Improved employee engagement, productivity, and performance with less waste, and with higher customer appreciation (both internal and external)
  • Preventing problems in both interpersonal interactions and systems interactions

What are Interpersonal Interactions?

  • Interactions which impact trust (avoidance of fear) freedom and innovation. Listening without judgment to new ideas and offering respectful acknowledgment of differing views
  • Fearless Feedback easily accepted and encouraging long-term positive change
  • Intelligent use of the three sources of power: authority of office, knowledge, and communication style (personality).

What are System Interactions?

  • Understanding and communication of the aim, vision, and values of the system
  • Processes for solving problems more quickly while avoiding blame and criticism
  • Creating a foundation for “trusting high performance culture” that results in high quality “self-management” and avoids “manager-dependent” activities
  • Building an environment of cooperation