Stop the Leadership Malpractice: How to Replace the Typical Performance Appraisal


The typical performance appraisal causes injury to an organization and an optimum leader’s ability to:
– Manage trust
– Create employee engagement
– Retain talent
– Innovate
– Adapt to change.

It must be replaced. The aim of this book is to compel leaders to replace their typical performance appraisal methods with one more closely aligned with systems thinking and which results in the improvement of all the abilities above. CPIP results in an effective and efficient implementation of strategy and performance improvement.


_1HCB2Piu-gRXXXQLsboXisypxkziJ9tZU0G64t6WwMThe Art of Leading: 3 Principles for Predictable Performance Improvement

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The Art of Leading: 3 Principles for Predictable Performance Improvement is a fundamental guide to understanding the enormous challenge facing leaders, especially new ones, in our country today. The book attempts to discover the insights necessary in today’s performance review environment. The Art of Leading would benefit both the novice administrator and the seasoned professional leader in any discipline who is looking for increased employee engagement.”

Peer-Reviewed American Academy of Medical Administrators


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