Mistakes Managers Make That Damage Engagement – Mistake #6

Do you have difficulty or hesitation leading performance conversations?  You are not alone.  According to recent research (by Interact in cooperation with Harris) 69% of managers admit there is something about their responsibilities that make them uncomfortable communicating with employees.  Most HR professionals believe that a manager’s most important job is to give feedback to employees.… Continue Reading

Mistakes Mangers Make That Damage Engagement – Mistake #5

We have discussed four mistakes so far which can damage employee engagement.  Today we address mistake #5.  Making and keeping agreements is the minimum we can do to be a model of leadership. It is the minimum we can do to live with integrity.  Any effective leader must be aware of this. Mistake #5: Being Unaware of… Continue Reading

Mistakes Managers Make That Damage Engagement – Mistake #4

This blog is the fourth in the series of seven.  There are mistakes that leaders make that are disastrous for employee engagement.  The tragedy is the lack of awareness on the part of the leaders.  If I wanted to be dramatic I could call these mistakes “leadership malpractice”.  Malpractice is the failure of a professional… Continue Reading

Mistakes Managers Make that Damage Engagement – Mistake #2

The role of a manager has shifted. The days of being a “controller dictator” or “all-knowing genius” have gone the way of the dinosaur. The purpose of these articles is to help managers move out of denial into awareness and finally into competence by having new insights and developing those skills which are much more… Continue Reading

Mistakes Managers Make That Damage Engagement – Mistake #1

There are seven serious mistakes managers typically make when they work with their people and these mistakes all damage employee engagement.     Improving employee engagement has become an important strategic initiative for most organizations, because it leads to enhanced customer experience, which in turn leads to improved loyalty, revenue and profit. This article addresses the first mistake. Mistake… Continue Reading

Bullying and Employee Engagement Don’t Mix

Bullying and employee engagement don’t mix.  Bullying is one person intimidating or threatening another in a disrespectful, dominating, or cruel manner.   Bullies tend to put performance results ahead of all other considerations including respect and trust.  Bullies think about themselves and not about others. What can you do to deal with a bully and protect… Continue Reading

The 5 Don’ts of Frequent Feedback

The transformation of the typical performance review process often includes the phrase, “make feedback more frequent”.  That sounds like a good idea. It is if certain conditions are in place.  There are five conditions which will either make or break the efficacy of frequent feedback… READ MORE Continue Reading

How to Give White Flag® Feedback

Delivering effective feedback is enormously important and enormously challenging.  I have spoken about this in my last two blogs.  I identified the three reasons why the feedback is so challenging namely the confusion between feedback and criticism, the concern about making things worse, and a lack of knowledge about how to give feedback such that… Continue Reading