Effective Leaders Use Systems Thinking Not “Blame Thinking”

I strongly believe that leaders who want to bring out the genius of every employee and who want to optimize results (especially through customer experience and employee engagement) must be systems thinkers.[1] READ MORE [1] Systems Thinking: Is a discipline of using data to identify patterns, processes, and structures that cause events. It’s a way… Continue Reading

3 Employee Engagement Killers You Will See at an Airport

I originally thought about entitling this blog, “How to avoid behaving like an airport.”  When I think about airport customer experience and employee engagement I remember how much I dislike traveling now.  The thought of it gives me a stomach ache and heartache. The next time you are traveling look for these issues.  It’s an… Continue Reading

Make Firing Employees Easier and Faster – Let Them Deselect

Which is more valuable to an employer, the job skills employees possess or the skill of behaving with integrity?  Job skills and job knowledge are worthless without integrity and any employer who holds onto an employee who has a pattern of broken integrity is increasing costs for the organization…READ MORE     Continue Reading

Do you Want Employees to Feel Like Volunteers or Slaves?

If you are a leader of a team now, ponder this idea: everyone in your organization is a volunteer.  Would you treat them differently?  Why would you want to treat employees as volunteers and how can you start?  What perception do your employees have now? This blog will touch on the answers…READ MORE Continue Reading

Mistakes Managers Make That Damage Engagement – Mistake #6

Do you have difficulty or hesitation leading performance conversations?  You are not alone.  According to recent research (by Interact in cooperation with Harris) 69% of managers admit there is something about their responsibilities that make them uncomfortable communicating with employees.  Most HR professionals believe that a manager’s most important job is to give feedback to employees.… Continue Reading

Mistakes Mangers Make That Damage Engagement – Mistake #5

We have discussed four mistakes so far which can damage employee engagement.  Today we address mistake #5.  Making and keeping agreements is the minimum we can do to be a model of leadership. It is the minimum we can do to live with integrity.  Any effective leader must be aware of this. Mistake #5: Being Unaware of… Continue Reading

Mistakes Managers Make That Damage Engagement – Mistake #4

This blog is the fourth in the series of seven.  There are mistakes that leaders make that are disastrous for employee engagement.  The tragedy is the lack of awareness on the part of the leaders.  If I wanted to be dramatic I could call these mistakes “leadership malpractice”.  Malpractice is the failure of a professional… Continue Reading

Mistakes Managers Make that Damage Engagement – Mistake #2

The role of a manager has shifted. The days of being a “controller dictator” or “all-knowing genius” have gone the way of the dinosaur. The purpose of these articles is to help managers move out of denial into awareness and finally into competence by having new insights and developing those skills which are much more… Continue Reading