Level 5 and Machiavellian Leadership: Which Wins Employee Engagement Race?

A widely-accepted assumption is employee engagement is influenced by how the leaders of the organization behave. Another way to say this is, the work environment is influenced by leaders and that work environment influences employee engagement. Both Level 5 Leadership and Machiavellian Leadership can create outstanding results but how does Level 5 Leadership behavior stack… Continue Reading

Paying More for Dysfunction

Pay-for-performance incentives don’t work. In fact, they often make things worse. I used to go to Jiffy Lube whenever I need a quick oil change. I like taking care of my car so I get the oil changed exactly on time as best as I can. One day I was there and the manager came… Continue Reading

Why Do Employees Behave Like Children?

Virtually every Human Resources person I have spoken to in the past 15 years vigorously shakes his/her head up and down whenever I ask if they regularly see employees behave like children. Why is it that adults behave like children at work? There are two major types of childish behavior we see from employees. The… Continue Reading

How Do You Know When to Give Feedback? Be a Supportive Reporter

Ever since Adobe, GE, Microsoft, Accenture, Deloitte, and SAP decided to radically change their performance management processes HR exerts have been touting the need for managers to give more frequent, less formal, and more useful feedback. But how does an effective manager know when to give feedback? Furthermore, do managers even know what to give… Continue Reading

3 Strategies to Avoid Micro-Management

When do you become a micro-manager and ‘nitpicker?’  If an employee has made mistakes and you pointed them out before, when the next mistake occurs and you point it out to them, is it micro-management? We don’t want employees to feel picked on and micro-managed. And they certainly don’t want it either. Micro-management damages employee… Continue Reading

Can Diversity Go Too Far?

What are we wanting to accomplish with our diversity programs? Do we want to simply reflect the proportion of races in our organization to match those in our culture? Do we want to avoid discrimination law suits? Are we wanting to generate innovative thought? Do we expect improved productivity? According to Harvard Business Review, most… Continue Reading

Do You Have a Virus in your Leadership Brain?

Can we agree that all good leaders want to optimize employee engagement?  Yet, sometimes there are barriers preventing just that.  Like a virus in a computer that blocks optimum performance sometimes we have assumptions about people and problems which block our ability to help people.  There are certain assumptions about people that act like a… Continue Reading

Optimum Leadership or Leadership Malpractice–It’s Your Choice

Optimum Leadership uses the scientific method to evaluate the process and identify solutions. Leadership Malpractice blames people for problems and stops listening. Optimum Leadership enrolls the entire team to review data and experiment with new ideas to find solutions to complex problems. Leadership Malpractice[1] seeks to evaluate people when results are poor. In 1847 Hungarian-born… Continue Reading

How to Give White Flag® Feedback

Delivering effective feedback is enormously important and enormously challenging. I have spoken about this in my last two blogs. I identified the three reasons why the feedback is so challenging namely the confusion between feedback and criticism, the concern about making things worse, and a lack of knowledge about how to give feedback such that… Continue Reading