Critic or Partner?

by Wally Hauck on April 8, 2014

Critic or Partner?         Why Leaders Must be Partners and Not Critics if they Want Employee Engagement In late August 2011 Hurricane Irene slammed into the east coast.  It hit CT hard.  It ended up being rated the fifth costliest hurricane in […]

What Do We Mean by Talent Anyway?

According to a recent survey, Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014, the top two challenges facing Human Resources is leadership development along with retention and engagement of talent.  But I have a basic question.  My question is, what do we really mean by talent?  Is […]

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2 Things Bloodletting and the Typical Performance Appraisal Have in Common

There are two things the typical appraisal and bloodletting have in common.   First they both were developed and utilized with the very best of intentions and with the very best thinking of their time. Second, the evolution of professions has made both practices obsolete.  But, […]

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What is the Most Important Quality of a Leader?

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There is a scene in the movie the Cinderella Man which always inspires me.   James J. Braddock is a boxer during the depression.  He and his family are in very tough times.  They’re out of money. They’re out of food. He damaged his hand in […]

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Are You Stealing Accountability?

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I loved my 10 year old Acura.  Although it had 250,000 it ran beautifully for years.  Of course, with a 10 year old car one must expect to replace parts occasionally.  One morning the front left ball joint failed and I was stranded at a […]

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Performance Conversations: How to Deliver the F-Word Even When You’re Not the Boss

The correct use of feedback (the F-Word) can enhance relationships and results.  The improper use will damage relationships and stall success.  Do you deliver the F-Word correctly? My daughter just graduated from college.  We held a party for her and she was helping us prepare […]

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Why Leaders are Rated Poorly – Doing Too Much of the Wrong Things

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Have you ever tried to do too much at the same time?  I have.  I ended up doing average or below average work in all the tasks I tried.   Our organizational leaders are doing this.  They are trying to do more than they are capable […]

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Our Source of Influence – Our Thinking

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Ask yourself; is the ability to influence others important to you?  You bet it is if you want to be an effective leader.  In the past 50 years influence has emerged as one of the most important leadership skills.  Bossing people around is no longer […]

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Manipulation is NOT Motivation

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In the annals of “you can’t make this up” would probably appear the following two stories about the failure of public education.  In this year (2013), within months of each other, come two stories from Buffalo NY.  The first was from the Buffalo News which […]

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Let’s Treat Employees Like Pigeons Using Pay-for-Performance

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My dogs are well behaved.  I have taken extra time training them to be sure they come when they are called and to obey certain commands.  It’s necessary because I take them for walks every day. I let them off lease so they can run.  […]

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