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7 Foolproof Strategies to Hold the Best Performance Discussions Ever

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Supervise Children and Animals: Lead People and Facilitate a Trust Environment

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When Galileo introduced his idea of the Solar System (the sun is at the center of the planets not the earth) he was met with fierce resistance from the Catholic Church which eventually landed him in prison. New ideas can often face resistance from those […]

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7 Mistakes Leaders Make When they Lead People – FREE Download!

The word “manager” in the dictionary is explained as someone who is responsible for controlling or administering activities. When we think of “manager” we tend to think about the management of people. This definition of manager is consistent with Frederick Taylor Scientific Management. For Taylor […]

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FREE Fearless Feedback Webinar!

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Managing Accountability to Agreements

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What is an agreement? An agreement is a specific, measurable, and time sensitive task where the person responsible for the task has a predictable process available to complete the task and all factors are within the control or influence of the person. For example, we […]

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Blame is Alive and Well and Systems Thinking Takes a Back Seat

A nurse, in an Ohio Hospital, accidently discarded a kidney that was awaiting a transplant and had been provided by a living donor. The nurse had been on break, had been replaced by a different nurse, and was therefore unaware the kidney was submerged in […]

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Leadership Malpractice and Pay for Performance: A Deadly Combination

An empty gun is not a deadly weapon.  Neither is a bullet.  Put them together and you have a potential deadly combination. Put leadership malpractice and pay for performance policies together and you also get a deadly combination.  A good example is The Veteran’s Administration.  […]

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Critic or Partner?

Critic or Partner?         Why Leaders Must be Partners and Not Critics if they Want Employee Engagement In late August 2011 Hurricane Irene slammed into the east coast.  It hit CT hard.  It ended up being rated the fifth costliest hurricane in […]

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What Do We Mean by Talent Anyway?

According to a recent survey, Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014, the top two challenges facing Human Resources is leadership development along with retention and engagement of talent.  But I have a basic question.  My question is, what do we really mean by talent? Is […]

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